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Some tunes that get me movin:

MC5-Kick Out The Jams
Stooges-Raw Power
Fugazi-Margin Walker
Jawbox-Chicago Piano
Ramones-Let`s Dance
Velvet Underground-Sister Ray
Jimi Hendrix-Nine To The Universe
Rolling Stones-Rip This Joint
Neil Young-Sedan Delivery
Guided By Voices-Quality Of Armor
Pavement-Debris Slide
Charles Mingus-Hora Decubitus
Miles Davis-Right Off
Duke Ellington-Dimuendo And Crescendo In Blue
Johnny Winter-Mean Town Blues
Silkworm-The Lure Of Beauty
Face To Face-Pastel
Social Distortion-Under My Thumb
My Bloody Valentine-Feed Me With Your Kiss
Husker Du-First Of The Last Calls