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Out of the 20 odd times that I have seen them now, that was the second best. The next night in Brighton was absolutely amazing – much smaller venue, totally different set list (no everything flows, and not so many stooges but Just like Heaven and Blowin It/Live for that Look.

It’ll probably be another year before they come back here, it hardly seems worth going to anything else in the interim.

This was also the first time since FireHose that I have rated Mr Watt. OK, so Mike and Ron looked a little like David Bellamy and David Mellor, and Watt is undoubtedly the scariest man I have ever seen, and he may not sing quite as nicely as Bob Pollard, but fuck me can he play bass. Still, he does need to be locked up (don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone rock like that with a cigar hanging out of their mouths.)

Go see. And as for Bobby G. Always was a dick and WHERE ARE YOU NOW YOU PRICK. Being near to where the mic was getting smacked onto the crowd, I was looking around to have words with him, but I think that he was ejected fairly quickly. Lucky for him.