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Not totally smashed in, but someone will have a sore head in the morning.

I was in the front row, leaning on the barrier directly in front of Watt. I didn’t see anyone spitting at the stage, but the cigarette that landed near Gillespie was thrown by someone right behind me. Once Gillespie started spitting into the crowd (twice), I was pinned against the barrier as a surge started. The stand went into the crowd twice followed by the busted mic. It was all over as soon as Gillespie left the stage. As I’ve posted elsewhere, he was initially pissed because Mike Watt’s mic stand was too high for him and he couldn’t uncouple the mic itself, which left him looking like a bit of a prat.

I thought that J, Mike, George & Ron handled the situation brilliantly.

I also thought it was a great concert and have to agree with guapo, not enough Dino songs, but with J, Watt, Ron & George in full flow even playing Stooges it was BRILLIANT.

Someone was recording the show on a camera in the first floor seats and another person was between the barrier and the stage with a camcorder. Hopefully some of this footage will come to life so everyone can see it – just like the superb Camden Acoustic show J did last year.