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Here’s a short, but quite funny report about that incident: :twisted: :wink: :aliensmile:

OR – Attack of the killa Gs!

As if you hadn’t heard, Bobby Gillespie went mental on Friday night at Shepherd’s Bush Empire and battered some people in the audience. Or something.

Original Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton was helping out J. Mascis and The Fog with a cover of the classic ‘No Fun’, when mister ‘No Fun’ himself, Bobby "No Fun" G bounded onstage to aid with the vocal side of matters. Bless um. However, some of the crowd objected to Mr. G’s appearance, and shouted "wanker" and "Hibbs cunt" at him, following with a shower of spittle. The angered Gillespie responded with the blunt end of his mike stand. The recipient now informs PlayLouder that he intends to sue. However, we think he’s lying, since he’s told us and another website completely different versions of the nights events. Still, good crack young ‘un. Chortle.

I’d be well chuffed if Bobby G hit me with a mike stand, wouldn’t you? MTHFKKaz…

… from the playlouder.com website.