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fata morgana

But where do we meet on this point? At first, slavery, then segregation, then overt and covert racism and sexism… To me, it seems this sight is trying to demystify this seperation. It still exists, no matter whether you try to implement programs or laws or anything. Just because a few men have decided that globalism is the best thing for this planet, doensn’t mean that you can wash over or sweep under the rug the fact that poverty, segregation, seperation, or systems of isolation don’t exist anymore–systems that reject you (or kill you) on a basis of calss, sex, religion, creed, gender, etc… This site is trying to move over the Great American Glossover by making fun of the fakeness. (I am not trying to say that people can’t have genuine relationships…) Anyway that’s my point of view. Sorry if I offended anyone…