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Let’s be realistic here, there ain’t gonna be any drafting anywhere, ever again probably. At least not over here in the UK hehehehe *ahem* (just kidding)… after the government was boycotted so heavily during Vietnam, and even then the worst thing that could happen if you refused is to get sent to prison for a while… not a very pleasant experience I knoww but at least you ain’t getting shot like in the old days.
The fact is, ground troops just aren’t very useful these days. A single daisycutter missile will probably take out an entire unit and just a couple of them will disable any outpost so they’d just be literally sending people in to die, and no Western government is stubborn enough to go into that. Much easier to bomb the bastards ’til they give up.

On the subject of college, I know loads of people who’ve been who say it did nothing for them, and plenty more who say they loved it. They all agree that if you yourself have a reason to go, then go for it, but if it doens’t seem like something you want to do then tell ’em where to stick it <img>