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I agree its an individual thing about reunions, a lot of bands that I would want to see were never that huge in the first place so I don’t think there would be "attitude" involved. Yeah sure some do take that kinda thing way too seriously, I probably would already know that by reading some of their articles etc and just not go see them. One band I saw recently talking about stuff that I wouldn’t go near is the Psychedelic Furs…but it sounds like they are mixing new with some of the old stuff in their shows…kinda like The Damned did…nope not for me.

So I agree with BR’s most recent post, I wasn’t around for a lot of the early stuff…Stooges, Radio Birdman, Only Ones etc and would just love to see them again. Doesn’t mean I am not focusing on now music in any way, just want to see some cool music done by some heroes of mine, fingers crossed it happens.

I think this kinda thing, not just focusing on the new is something I do in any number of areas, cartoons & movies are just a quick example. Sure I like some…not many…new cartoons but give me a Tex Avery or old Hanna Barberra cartoon and I will giggle myself silly. Love some new flicks, may even go see The Royal Tennenbaums again but love the classics by Hitchcock etc. Just received the 1954 Invasion of The Body Snatchers and White Zombie (Bela Lugosi) today, not a lot of current movies can match those for me. Not saying I don’t go for anything new I just don’t discount whats gone by as not worthy of my time.

Good point about The Flaming Groovies guy BR, lucky you got to see that!!!