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It’s all there in the chorus

Yup- garbled, heavy, beautiful, and open to interpretation.


Most things ebb and flow, as I am sure this site will continue to do.

I agree. It’s like cycles of nature, you know? We get floods and fires and then everything regenerates.

I, for one, lost my job at the end of the summer, and have had lots of free time to post about. But I still try to exercise a little discretion, and not go nuts replying to every thread just to hear (see?) my own voice.

I think that people will post when it’s important to them. And I bet that lots of the more silent members are lurking about, as Allison said; maybe just not yet compelled to reply. It can be difficult to ease into a community that is already well-established.

I have no complaints; I think the bbs here is great. If more people start talking, fine; if not, fine. I’ll find something here that makes me laugh either way. [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Take care