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I remember this conversation taking place a little while ago as well, don’t remember the finger pointing deal thou.

One thing to remember is the amount of people posting does not equal the amount of people visiting the site…which btw is a very healthy amount. When I first started on freakscene, a few versions ago…not really sure of the date…I joined up specifically to get the newsletter Jeremiah was sending out. You had to register to receive the newsletter, I didn’t log on to or post on the bbs for a significant amount of time, just didn’t feel like it. Over this last summer the original newsletter deal was discontinued and started up on yahoo, don’t think people have to register now to receive the newsletter. I have joined many sites I don’t post on to receive band updates etc ie Flaming Lips. So not sure what the reasons are but could be any of the above…or not.

So, we get plenty of lurkers and people who stop in for the multimedia experience along with the hard core group of posters…pretty cool. For awhile before we got this new server we kept getting booted off of servers for overusing bandwidth…gotta love that. Why they don’t join in the bbs I really couldn’t say, fingers crossed they join in at some point.


Halfman only example I can give you is for the Bob Mould site, think they are at over 700 members (took freakscene half as long to reach that point [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] ) and at the most 20 people post over a period of over a month or so.

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