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Hey RJ, I know about all those loadsa tracks and stuff, I’m Just saying it sounds F*cking Kool. All the rhytum guitars on that album where done by plugging a Big Muff (with the volume and sustain on full, into the low sensitivity input of a Marshall JCM800 loaded with KT88 valves (master volume on full, preamp barely on at all).

I was actually gonna say about Kurt using a DS1 on everything up to and including Nevermind. (After it was recorded he switched to a DS2). However, I know he used a muff on Lithium coz I read an interview with Butch Vig and thats what he said (Big Muff into a fender Bassman). It sounds to me like he used one on breed too, and it definately doesn’t sound like a BOSS pedal.