Hello everybody,
I translated OneWoodman’s words to let all of you know what he wants to say. I hope, this is ok for you OneWoodman, and I hope I came close to the things you wanted to say…

J, george and mike, I’m totally happy that the accident that happened to you didn’t go out worse. I’ve been away last week actually, so I heard only incidentally that an accident has happened and I feared, things were worse.
I wanted to go to Wiesbaden to the concert on Saturday, but now unfortunately it did not happen. I’ve been waiting now for 3 years for such a concert… me and a friend of mine are probably the 2 most ‘disturbed’ dino jr fans in Germany, ok, I don’t want to exaggerate, maybe in the south-west of Germany. My friend and I already wrote some music ourselves, and both of us have all Dino albums and know most of the lyrics by heart… I hope that you soon will be able to continue and that these words would give you a little impulse to make up the concerts in Germany because we really want to see you once in a live gig! greetings and I hope you will be better soon. moritz (15, Neustadt at the wine street, Germany)

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