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1) Daydream Nation
2) Experimental Jet Set
3) Sister
4) Goo
5) Dirty
6) Washing Machine
7) Sonic Youth (the first mini album)
8) Evol
9) Bad Moon Rising
10) A thousand Leaves
11) NYC Ghosts and Flowers
12) Confusion is Sex
13) Made in USA

Favourite 5 songs about mental disorder
1) Sonic Youth: Schizophrenia
2) Pixies: Where is my mind?
3) th´ faith healers: Heart Fog
4) Creep: What´s wrong with myself?
5) Nomeansno: Manic Depression

Out of competition: Britney Spears: Born to make you happy. Well of course you´re tempted to list Crazy but as far as mental disorder is concerned Born to make you happy beats the lot.

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