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K7 Rides Again

I think everything from evol through washing machine are pretty comparable…all excellent. It has the intenseness and feeling of all the earlier albums…just more matured/ better controlled in my opinion. If you listen to all the older stuff and albums like "made in the usa" you here musical ideas that are later fully developed on newer albums. !,000 leaves is pretty good, still very easy to space out with and lose yourself in the noise, but it just doesn’t seem to be nearly as intense as earlier albums (a quality I really like). Listened to NYC Ghosts on many occasions and CANNOT get into it. the poetry accompanied by the guitar crap just doesn’t work for me and it’s even lost some more of SY’s intensity. However…didn’t they have all there equipment ripped off bfore they produced that album? maybe that weren’t able to do with NYC exactly what they wanted because of that, you know playing with new/ unfimiliar stuff equipment.
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