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Song that never gets old despite playing it endlessly…Raisins by Dinosaur Jr

Best song to crank while driving 80mph on the open non snow covered hiway…Tilted by Sugar

Best song to play after a breakup…Couldn’t You Wait by Silkworm

Song that makes you bawl every time you hear it…Waiting for Superman by The Flaming Lips

Best song that reminds you of the hellish experience that was high school…Welcome To Hell byThe Hellacopters

Best song to blast after a wickedly bad day at work…Days Like This by Scarce

Song that makes you want to grab the nearest handsome devil and do obscene things to him…Makes It Alright by The Hellacopters

Song that makes you dance even in inappropriate places…Someday I will Treat You Right by Sparklehorse

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