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Best song to wake up to: Here Come The Girls -The Royal Beat Conspiracy

Best song to play over and over after a breakup: Couldn’t You Wait(Acoustic) -Silkworm. Totally agree with AGAP on that one!

Song that reminds you of the good times in high school: When I Come Around -Green Day

Song to crank on a highway: Emotional Son -The Flaming Sideburns

Song that reminds you of your father: The lp Darkness On The Edge Of Town by Springsteen

Song you sing when things are going ok: Debris Slide -Pavement

Song you sing when things are`nt going ok: Here -Pavement

Song you like to erase from society: All songs by boy or girlbands plus every eurodance song that’s ever been made or is in the making

Song that never ever gets old: 3rd Planet -Modest Mouse

Song that reminds you of your very first crush: Selfesteem -Offspring

Song that always makes you dance, even in inappropriate places: Biuld Me Up Buttercup -The Foundations