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Cool find Rosa <img>

Best song to play after a break up:Versus-Morning Glory

Song to play after bad day at school/work-Minor Threat-I`m Seeing Red

Song that makes you bawl every damned time-Neko Case-South Tacoma Way

Song to crank on a highway-Sparklehorse-Happy Man

Best song to wake up to-Husker Du-New Day Rising

Worst song to wake up to-Anne Murray-Snowbird <img>

Song you sing when things are going ok-Velvet Underground-I`m Beginning To See The Light

Song you sing when things are`nt going ok-Ramones-I Don`t Care

Song to make you giggle when you think about it-hit songs from the 80`s

Song that makes you think deep thoughts-Nick Drake-Things Behind The Sun

Song you like to erase from society-anything by Blink 182

Song that reminds you of your father-Angels Of Light-Song For My Father

Song to dance to at your wedding-Julie London-Sway

Song that gives you hope-Red House Painters-Down Colorful Hill

Song that never gets old,no matter how many times you hear it-Dinosaur Jr-In A Jar

Song that`s too long but too good-Miles Davis-Right Off

Song with best chorus ever-Eleventh Dream Day-Makin Like A Rug

Song with best guitar solo ever-Dinosaur Jr-The Lung