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Cool thread but my fav hasn’t been listed.

My fav debut album was Sunny Day Real Estates ~ Diary

Mudhoney ~ Mudhoney is up there on my list too

Nirvana’s ~ Bleach is still one of my favorite debuts

Paw’s ~ Dragline album was good (it was a major label debut not sure if they had an earlier indy release)

Pedro the Lion ~ Its Hard to Find a Friend was very good

The Postal Service ~ Give Up was good

Quicksand ~ Slip was awesome! (not sure if they had any albums previous though)

Roy ~ Big City Sin & Small Town Redemtion is one of my favs

Silversun Pickups ~ Carnavas is totally dope

Sparta ~ Wiretap Scars is always a good one to crank up

I also really enjoy Texas is the Reason’s ~ Do You Know Who You Are album, wish they would have lasted a bit longer.