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Led Zeppelin – I I haven’t played it in a while, but I recall every song being great.
Guns n Roses- Appetite For Destruction
Reminds me of 7th grade, but it was and still is a great rock album.
Violent Femmes- That cd always sounds great.
Radiohead- Pablo Honey- I know it isn’t as good as The Bends or OK Computer, but I’ve always thought that this cd was completely underrated.
Catherine Wheel- I can’t remember the name of the disc, but I still throw it in the cd player evry once and a while.
p.s. Antipop
I don’t want to sound like an ass, I just thought that if you like Pantera, you might want to know a little interesting info. Pantera actually had like 3 albums out before Cowboys From Hell, but they were cock rock albums, and the group had them pulled off the shelves because they were didn’t want them to tarnish thier reputation. The group supposedly gets real pissed when critics mention them. Take care, Tom