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This is sort of on topic, one of my local newspapers had the music guy pick his fav releases of 2000….J Mascis & The Fog was 6th on his list. He actually did a pretty good review of it when it was finally released as an import in Canada….nice surprise. Anyways this is how it went…"They said grunge was dead. Too bad nobody told Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis, who emerges from hiding with swirling cyclones of axe torture, shambling drum rolls and the world-weariest croak since some guy named Kurt".

I am in the same boat as somebody above, I bought tons of cd’s in 2000 but not all new ones. So my favs for the last 2 years in no particular order

J Mascis & The Fog More Light
Nash Kato Debutante
Grant Hart Good News For Modern Man
Bob Mould Last Dog and Pony Show
Flaming Lips Soft Bulletin
Hellacopters High Visibility
The Rendezvous Band Getting There is Half the Fun (Tribute albumn for Fred Sonic Smith)
Hydromatics Parts Unknown (you lucky europeans rumor is they are touring in June with Rock Action on drums)
Thats all my small brain can handle right now.

Happy Happy Joy Joy to everybody in the new year!!!