Actually I think Where You Been was the album that the critics think J sold out on.
I hate music critics!they always piss me off about what they think of a band or album.
I have a book called the Music hound guide,here`s their review of Dino Jr albums:
This is rated using bones(music hound,get it?)
5 bones is the highest

Dinosaur-2 bones
Your`re Living All Over Me-1 and half bones
Bug-4 and half bones
Green Mind-3 bones
Where You Been-2 bones
Without A sound-2 and half bones
Martin And Me-4 bones
Hand It Over-2 and half bones
Fossils-3 bones
Whatever`s Cool With Me-1 bone

Do you believe this critic?giving YLAOM 1 and half bones!,they also say J sounds like"second rate heavy metal riffing".

That`s why I hate music critics!people read this shit and it convinces them to not to check out a certain artist.

I think all of us here would like to get into the boxing ring with this guy,Jeremiah can take a shot at him first,then Allison,Jaron,etc.

He may like Bug and Martin And Me but that`s not good enough for me!