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<STRONG>Ooohh…good query.
I have seen a lot of good bands and a lot of crap opening for J and/or Dinosaur.
The best was undoubtedly in 1991 when J appeared at the Hollywood Palladium in support of Green Mind. The opening bands were Hole and Nirvana. Obviously, way before either band became huge…I always kind of wondered if that was the show where Kurt and Courtney first met…probably not.
Other good bands include Come, Love as Laughter…
Lot of crap though…Rocket from the Crypt and a couple other bands whose names I would just as soon forget.
I always wished I had lived or been in the United Kingdom when Dinosaur was part of the Rollercoaster Tour with the Jesus & Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine…I wish that tour had come to the states.</STRONG><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Hole and Nirvana – same show opening for J.? Wow. As much as I dislike Courtney Love as a person, I must admit that’d rock.

I’d like to have seen My Bloody Valentine as well.