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<STRONG>Love As Laughter

When did Kyuss play with them? I like the remnants of them that made up QOTSA.</STRONG><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

ELJ, I saw the show in 95 at Coca Cola Roxy theater in Atlanta GA. Everbeen there? I tell you that place was jam packed. And LOUD! I would easily say 400-500 fans. I don’t know why Kyuss, but sure glad they were there. I believe that’s when I picked up a new band, sound that I liked in music. The tour was the Without A Sound Tour. And the first time other than Lolapolluza (ms) I really saw J up close and personal. I remember bringing my girlfriend, she wasn’t in to the bands, she just knew I was burning down before and after. I don’t know, maybe she did love me… to much info. Any way, j starts off with feel the pain. And the band start off, but not in time. They stop, and J is barely laughing. He says "Alright." Then the rest of the show was a power house. I’m lucky to have that show on cassette tape but have erased over the intro of feel the pain and about 10 minutes of the start of the show. Sorry to ramble, that show started all the hoopla for me. Any way, I don’t know why Kyuss.

"hey, look over your shoulder."
"hey, it’s me getting older."

What a memory!