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Greg Norton works at a restaurant in St.Paul`s,Minn. called the Table Of Contents;heard this on the radio.
I also heard that at a Sugar press conference someone on the radio attended said when someone asked Mould where Norton is nowadays he said"He`s bagging groceries or something somewhere".I find Bob a nice guy usually from interviews but I guess with his former bandmates he can be different.Kind of like with Lou Barlow talking about J,I heard lou in 1993 at the local college station and hung around with his Fiance,at that time,they must be married now and was generally cool and made some requests for tunes(Palace,Bikini Kill,King Kong,Nirvana,Painteens)He never said a word about J or dinosaur,in interviews it seems he talks about J frequently,maybe interviewers tell him to sound off about J to make an interesting interview?dissing J does`nt sit well with me.
Rat Scabies from the Damned has this electro jazz project I heard on the radio,I forget the name of it,but it`s two guys from Loop Guru and a jazz singer who they did`nt name on the radio,has some jazzy drumming from Rat;very cool!
Robert Fripp from King Crimson said Captain Sensible is"a tasteful guitarist"high praise from Fripp who is regarded as a guitar genius.
I hope Husker does`nt fight about the rights in court like the Dead Kennedys did,Biafra was pretty disgusted with the greed,here is a punk band who strongly oppossed capitalism and what happens when they get older?they feed it.At least Biafra knows it.I hope other punks stay true to their convictions.