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The Dude-yeah,I`m into the Scud Mt Boys/Pernice bros./Chappawhatever(could`nt they call it a more easier name?)-great stuff.
I have the Massachussetts album by the Scud Mt. Boys-brilliant album;the story I heard about them is they were a Mudhoney type band called the Scuds and got tired of playing loud guitar rock,they used to jam acoustic in their kitchen and decided to go in that direction;Uncle Tupelo was turning alot of people on to country music and what can be done with it in post punk style.
The Chappa album has a woman playing keyboards named Laura Stein,she`s from near where I live and used to play in a local band here called Jale,they did two albums for Sub Pop,they were a really good indie pop band.
Some other cool alt country/folk stuff to check out:
Giant Sand
Richard Buckner
The Guthries
The Sadies
Oh Susanna
Gillian Welch