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The Dude

ok, i’m gonna suggest y’all to check out the pernice brothers/joe pernice/chappaquiddick skyline/scud mountain boys. joe pernice is the constant in all of them. he writes the bestest, mellow/saddish pop songs ever. ok, well maybe not ever, but he’s pretty darn good at it. he also, in my opinion has a great voice, kinda sounds like colin blunstone from the zombie’s. the aforementioned groups don’t sound anything like dino jr, but they do have something in common j and co…they too are based straight outta south-central massachusetts.

actually, i just read that one of joe’s bandmates, thom monahan, has either produced or engineered something for j. sound familiar to anyone?

so, if you’re only into loud, distorted guitar rock (not that there’s anything wrong with that…), then i’d would just skip over them, but if your musical tastes are a little more diverse, definitely check them out.