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Just thought of a few more:

Jane’s Addiction – Named after the prostitute friend Jane, who introduced Perry Farrell to one of the other guys and thats how they started.

Foo Fighters – American wartime pilots who claimed to have seen UFO’s in the skies above Germany

The Smiths – According to Morrisey it was the most ordinary name he could think of.

Motorhead – Slang for Amphetamine user/addict

Nine Inch Nails – Supposed to be the length of the nails that Jesus was crucified with (at least that’s what I read in aprofile of the band)

Bush – They’re from Sheperds Bush in London

Godsmack – Shite band who not only rop off Alice in Chains bigtime, but see fit to name themselves after one of the tracks on ‘Dirt’.

Anyways, thats all that I could think of of the top of my head. (Apart from Marilyn Manson, but everyone knows that story)