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Aktually, My Bloody Valentine just made their name up, they found out about the movie later.

Mr Bungle-character in a cheesy ’50s childrens film about good manners. Later they found out it was also a character in the porno "Sharons Sex Party"

Dinosaur Jr.- I think they just made up the Dinosaur part, the Jr. came because there already was a band named Dinosaur.

Ozomatli-Named after the Aztec god of dance and music.

Weezer-they aren’t talking, some say it’s after a little rascals character, I think it’s the old slang term for penis.

Violent Femmes-". This is a very frequently asked question, to which few seem to know the correct answer. The Femmes themselves have clouded the issue by giving bogus responses to the question in interviews! The most common, but inaccurate, answer is that "femme" is a local slang word for wimp, and "violent femmes" was chosen because of the inherent contradiction of the phrase. According to the book Rock Names, by Adam Dolgins, Brian Ritchie told the author that since the origin of the name was going to be recorded in a book, he’d better give a straight answer for once. He then proceeded to relate the story of a conversation he once had with Jerry Fortier, a local musician and photographer; this was before the V.F. had even formed. Brian, consummate bullshit artist that he is, started lying his butt off, talking about how his brother was a total rock n’ roller and was in a cool band (his brother actually was an insurance agent!). When Jerry caught him off guard by asking the name of his brother’s band, Brian responded immediately "the Violent Femmes!". It was pure stream of consciousness. Later, he told Victor what a bizarre name he’d just made up off the top of his head. The two of them started using it because they thought it was obnoxious, never expecting it to stick! "-from violentfemmes.net

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