Severed Lung

I went to the show with Green Thumb and a few other J fans. They also played Same Day.

I was yelling for QUICKSAND. (great acoustic song)
I LOVE QUICKSAND. Its the dino song i first tried to play on my guitar.

But J didnt play it. I am sure he heard me – but i guess he wasnt prepared to play that.

It was gr8 to see J especially since the accident. He did seem to walk gingerly and getting out of the chair after playing he looked a lil stiff.

The show was gr8 and I think baltimore fans showed J that we really appreciate him.

Highlights of the show for me were Ammaring, Drawerings, Thumb, Get Me and of course seeing J alive and KICKING!

Didnt really notice someone trying to steal his pedals- but we did notice J take them off the stage with him.