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<STRONG>I love More Light. Especially live!!! I did not expect to see that!


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Live at the Cat’s Craddle in Carborro NC (2000). I was amazed that J could still play the guitar with that synthesizer draped around his neck. Amazing. I like that song because you can barely tell what the story is about, plus such a cool sound lyricly and musicly. One of the greatest things about J/Dino is his lyrics and it is only till you "get them right" does the song reach its maximum potential… I DON"T SKIP ANY DINO/J SONGS.

I must admit that leper and don’t were hard to deal for a while but just like, bulbs of passion, mick, and I’m insane… the songs just feel right. Especially when you know what it is he is singing.

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