K7 Rides Again

All right…for all of you that are sayin’ "more light" is a bad song…you smoke crack! I
think you all need to sit down again and "actually listen" to this song. It is incredible and
has so much going on. My suggestion is to turn it up and open your ears/mind! This song
is incredible and is the epitamy of classic Dino Jr.! Loud, proud, and with as many
notes/sounds thrown into the mix as creatively possible. It immediatley starts off with
lots of very well controlled distortion, is loud, highly aggressive, and has a very fast
tempo (RAW ENERGY!). J is attacking the guitar like there’s no tomorrow. There are
many different sounds contributing to the overall chaotic make-up of the song (each with it’s respective place adding its small part). Each part building on the ground work of the part played before it. If you listen "close enough" you begin to here all these little things and see how they fit into the complete picture. The entire song slowly increases inintensity and builds to the climax , i.e. when the lyrics go out and in comes the wailing lead. The whole song builds up to that moment and then it finally peaks with incredible ferocity. (BIG wave coming in!) The song then slows back down and bam! outro. I don’t see how anyone could like Dino and NOT like this song. [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]
…and somewhere else on this site, someone eluded to the idea that it is Watt that makes J sound good and that J complements Watt. What the hell are you talking about? J Mascis makes J Mascis sound good. His excellent guitar playing and musical skills are why we’re all here! Not because Mike Watt is jammin’ with J…it’s cuz’ J rocks! I like Watt. Watt can
jam…I’m not denying that, but saying Mike Watt is the what makes J sound good, is like
saying the sun revolves around the earth. Yeah f*ck*n’ right! No matter who J plays with, J is still goinna’ break out a can of whip-ass and knock you off you’re feet! Why? Cuz’ J is a guitar GOD!
So put that in yer’ pipe and smoke it! [img]images/smiles/converted/tongue.gif[/img]