Deepsludge – preparation is eveything: sounds very zen untill you start thinking about pasta primavera. I’m positive that this phrase occurs in at least 2 cooking books I have read. Cooking in a Bedsit for example – a very cool cook book that has receipies for how to heat a can of soup, and how to boil water.

Following the stream (of consciousness) thingy leads me to the earwax. My only question is: Mine or someone elses?

In the meantime I’ll sign up for the list.

Javro – Chopper only had a portion of his ears cut off as a ruse to into the prison infirmary. Is that J & silent bob you quoting?

I haven’t read anything by Chopper so am unable to comment on his literary merit. He appeared in a commercial for somthing or other – perhaps a brand of pistol for all I know – which underlines the essentially commecial nature of his outlook on existence. Not very zen and not much of a receipie for chicken soup if you ask me.