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K7 Rides Again

just wanted to 2nd what AnthonyG said…definately been exposed to some really cool stuff i never even knew existed <img>

Hey G-about the funk-everyone I know listens to rock, rock, and more rock. The radio and my budddies here in Columbus are a waste. It’s always pop shit, overplayed stuff from the 70’s, 80’s, & 90’s, or the frickin’ Dead. The kinda crap even my grandma knows cuz it’s been played so damn much. Very few people around here even come close to liking what I like. So when ya sent the Digable P’s, it was sweet. I have one friend who’s into beats, but he moved away a year ago. Taking my groovalicious exposure to nearly zero. So like I said, bring on the FUNK! <img>

Oh yeah, and for those of you who like Yo La Tengo, make sure you have Cpt. Salami send "mushroom cloud of hiss". I don’t wanna say holy shit, but HOLY SHIT IT ROCKS!!!!!!

Salami…ya got anything else like that ya could send me cuz I’m blown away by it? <img> <img>