It really sounds like it was amazing…never doubted it but wow the writer really makes it sound wicked!!!

Love the article, he does a great job of describing everything I needed to hear…but New York Dolls are mommas boys <img> I think that persons lucky Jerry Nolan and a couple of NYD’s are dead…they wouldn’t take that lightly <img> Stiv Bators and The Dead Boys were plenty scary, saw Stiv wearing the coolest red patent leather jumpsuit with the se wicked stilleto boots…thought he would fall off those heels any time but no…impressive <img>

Great article, god I would love to see a video from that show…just one…Real Cool Time sounds good to me <img>


ps Iggy was kinda a dork b4 he met the Asheton brothers, he was drumming in The Iguanas b4 The Stooges…The Ashetons kick ASS!!!

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