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I traveled 1600 miles to sit in 99% humidity in Hattiesburg, MS to watch Oklahoma State’s first game. Sadly they lost 17-9, but were much improved from last year. Hopefully my Pokes will be bowl bound, if even for Shreveport. OU sucks. Well, actually, they very well may win the BigXII South again….probably playing Nebraska in the Championship. Crouch won’t make the jump to the NFL, b/c he doesn’t have the body to play DB (which most option QB’s play IF they can make the jump to the NFL), but he very well may lead his team to the NC. By the way, if Texas ever gets a coaching staff that knows their asses from their elbows, they will be VERY dangerous. The pure talent on that team is absolutely scary. The money they have to put toward that program is even scarier.

The Florida teams look to be pretty damn good again, which is too damn bad ’cause I hate them all. If NU makes it to the Rose Bowl, I can definately see them playing Miami, but best of all time??

I pull for the Oregon teams b/c of their liberal weed laws. OU wears GREEEEEEN for goodness sake. I think the "other" OSU (Oregon State) wins the in state match up this year.

I didn’t get to see any games last week b/c I drove to Dallas from Mississippi immediately after the game, but at dinner I did see highlights of the kid from Penn State leading his team out of the tunnel just before they got their ass handed to them by Miami. It was quite the touching moment.

I’m so damn glad fall is here…..GO STATE!!!!