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<blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Mattman:

[img]images/smiles/icon_mad.gif[/img] Thats my school yer dissin’ thar bub!

Nothing personal, I just dislike watching Bowden and Spurrier beat the shit out of the likes of Amalgamated Tech and Hyphenated State every year with scores like 72-9 and then go, "Well, we weren’t trying to run it up, we were just running the offense."

FSU became slightly worse then Florida in my mind when they somehow achieved the Immaculate Spot in the Championship game even though logic would say 3 other teams should be there instead.

I saw the OSU game, Jebus. For turning the ball over 4 times, they didn’t get blown out. If they hold on to the ball they can be very good.

I dislike Nebraska too and Crouch. Traditional powers that never ever lose piss me off, especially when their product’s of the system win the Heisman from it (see also Weinke, Weurrfel, Crouch, et al)

Texas isn’t dangerous couching staff or not. Simms sucks. Mark my words. (The defense is OK).

What do people think of Franchione in Alabama and their hopes for the upcoming season. Also, I too am cheering for Oregon (and perhaps Fresno), but with the likes of OSU, UCLA, USC, Arizona State, and Washington in the conference, has anyone a chance to go undefeated? Same goes for Big-10, IMHO.

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