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Randy Jane

Mattmania…. the pot thing, thats what I was talking about. Its geared in both my Vol and Wah. Geared/grooved…whatever.

Ive found that with this pedal (being the Dunlop that it is) will have to be taken apart completely and some grinding will have to take place. This pedal wont shut of the volume 100%. It takes it down about 90% and then hits the base of the pedal. I could go buy a Vol./pan pedal, (infact theres one on Ebay right now for $35) but I want the satisfaction of making one. Plus, this way I can sand the black off of it and paint it PURPLE!!! Plus, I never use the thing as a volume pedal anyways, so why not?Id like for it to be deeper than it is because the little pole that turns the pot shaft isnt long enough, maybe make a new one?