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Randy Jane

Hey, I was looking at my pedal today and thought about how just a regular volume pedal works, pretty siple, two jacks, wires, and a pot, right? Ok, The pot is grooved as is the "pole" that it rolls on. If I put grooves on the other side of the "pole," take the peice that holds it in place off, (small curved piece of white plastic) and put the same stuff, (a second volume pedal) into the casing with the pots in two directions, one would go up in volume while the other goes down. Add one more jack on the Amp side for the pan effect, and wire it the same way as the other one, and it would be hooked for two amps to one guitar.
The only problem that I have encountered, is how to put the other pot in the pedal and keep it stable, after I figure that out, im going to need the parts.
I also need to figure out how to put grooves in the pole.