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I went to hmv yesterday to get the new Superchunk and I looked in Alternative and there was no divider there even, so I checked punk:nothing, then I checked rock, turns out they didn’t have it at all and I wasted time checking for it thrice when I could have just checked once. (I thought they would have it ’cause they had shitloads of Come pick me up when it came out).

I’m really starting to hate labelling music. I was at a party and there was this girl with a black flag sweater (turns out she didn’t even like them just some Rollins’ spoken word crap and bought it just to be cool when she really liked age of electric and stuff) We all started talking about Propagandhi and I mentioned that I really loved the weakerthans and she says "that’s just a bunch of emo music", "emo music is pussy music" Obviously she didn’t know what emo music is, because the weakerthans certainly aren’t (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but said it anyways just ’cause somebody else probably said that at one time. I felt insulted but I was too drunk to argue back coherently. While punk rock is a label no band can keep Emo is one no one can escape.

There might be a point in here somewhere.

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