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John Dyson

Although I’m a little late, i just thought I’d add my thoughts to the above thread.

There will always be an "alternative" crowd, the problem being at the monent, alternative includes the likes of Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park etc.

However it is fairly easy to make the jump from this to what we would probably consider "punk".

Take the recent Leeds/ Reading festivals in the UK – alongside the nu-metal shite, played Iggy Pop, Folk Implosion, Rancid, …Trail of Dead etc.

Two of the lads at the youth club where i worked last year came back raving about Iggy. Previously the most "punk" they got was Offspring.

I think we can get too hung up on labels. The music is there if you want to look for it. We also get too hung up on the mainstream media. Most kids nowadays are internet friendly. They know where to look, and those who want to will find good stuff.

MP3s mean they can often listen without having to fork out a fortune for CDs.

So yeah there probably are morons who think Blink 182 are as punk as it gets, but have patience, the young people will get it…

Sorry if I’m ranting, just my job(s) tend to mean i hear a lot of people talking about the "kids of today" where as I’m sure they are the same as anyday!!