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I did check out the site you posted in the last message. The article is chock full of reference points, but I will only mention a few.
One, the references to Hermosa Beach’s punk scene was pretty nice to see, but the article points out that Black Flag was from there. According to Get in the Van, Henry Rollins’ tour journals from his time in Black Flag, he refers to Hermosa Beach as a place they would go to visit other bands and see their shows, revering their brutal approach with awe. Why would he do that if the band itself was from Hermosa Beach? I think the author of the article might be mistaken on that point.

The writer does mention the terms "social artifice" and "arbitrary authority". I thought those two phrases were perfect for this particular thread. If "artifice" is being used to indicate a false or insincere behavior, then, yes, conforming to some standard for the sole purpose of identificiation with a mass of people or to feel accepted, is a fool’s game I think we all play to some extent as a normal part of our human nature. I did it, that’s for sure, and our catalyst in this thread seems to be doing the same thing. The difference, perhaps, is that the driving forces that sustained me in the "punk" vein over time has been, of course the enjoyment of the music, and also the search for truth in all forms, especially when it comes to human relations. I do think that was the main reason I was attracted to the culture in the first place, with the social need for fellowship falling in behind that. Due to my own coarseness, I think I probably pushed a lot of people away in some of my tactless endeavors, but at the same time, I think those people who stuck with me over the years have not found many more who will give them the straight scoop, and not a sunshine-pumping factory.

As far as "arbitrary authority", I do think people conditionally give their okey-doke on things and project the same for reasons of self-glorification, present company excluded, of course [img]images/smiles/icon_razz.gif[/img] ! I think this , too, goes back to wanting to be accepted by one’s peers or being looked to as being "special". I now have to watch myself closely when I run off at the lips like our pal did. Herbert Spencer, a social philosopher from the late nineteenth century, remarked something to the effect of "contempt without investigation". I have made myself the jackass repeatedly over the years by becoming "arbitrary" in my endorsements.

Thanks for the link Allison. [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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