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The labeling of fake punk kids was a lack of coming up with a better discription.
I could play stuff I like for my cousin until the cows come home,it does`nt mean he`s going to like it.
If this kid likes those bands it`s ok with me,I just wish the kid would be educated on music a little more.It seems the music press labels what "punk" or "alternative" is;history of this music is`nt well told in those doctumentaries about punk,they skip from the Sex Pistols to Nirvana,they leave out a decade.Take the term "emo",it was a name to describe a type of underground punk years ago,then the music press starts labeling bands that are trying to make it big as emo,now it seems everything is called emo!kathie lee gifford-she`s emo!tom jones-he`s emo!
All joking aside I can tolerate people`s tastes even if once in a while I might diss it,we put up with Jaron`s tastes don`t we?I usually say I`m sorry to him for dissing what he likes,if Jaron likes those bands it`s ok,I do get in a few jabs sometimes but Jaron should`nt take it so hard.I think I`ll lessen the jabs.
I don`t like thinking about my childhood experiences,too much anger and rage to deal with,I guess that`s where punk comes in,but never really lost my love for jazz.