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Salamiguy, you were saying how people got on your case for liking jazz when you were younger, and how you never cared what people thought of your taste in music. And Tony, you were saying that you’re open-minded about music unless bands get "attention that they don’t deserve". And yet both of you seem so quick to do your own labeling of people as "fake punk kids".

Now, I’m sure we all agree that many people who post reviews on Amazon are not the literate geniuses of society. But I also don’t think it’s fair to collectively dismiss any band’s entire fanbase, just because you think the music has no redeeming value.

I think Fred Durst is a bonehead who singlehandedly created the dumbest fashion statement ever, but I also think Wes Borland is pretty cool, and very smart and talented. And Korn did some really beautiful, refreshing, groundbreaking stuff on their first two albums (not that any of you have ever actually listened to them).

MTV doesn’t even accept unsolicited videos anymore, and yes, their narrow, narrow scope is chock full of air and talentless midriffs. So in that sense, I think a lot of kids are being spoonfed a lot of vacuous crap. But I also can remember being 14 or 15, and being lumped into that category, and I remember how much I hated it. Few of my favorite bands were ever even ON television or radio, so how could I be thrown into that demographic (one that was created by the media anyway)?

I really am not trying to offend anyone but I think you guys need to temper your criticism with a little bit of your own childhood experience.

That’s all,