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Yeah,I was talking about hmv too.When they opened a store near me 2 years ago they had alot of cool stuff,since then they pulled it off the shelves because it was`nt selling.I tried to buy up what I could but everything is so expensive it`s hard to do.
They have Iggy and Stooges in the pop section here,the Hellacopters they had in the alt section then now in the punk section.
They have Jim Croce in the blues section!morons!he is`nt blues!
I tried to get a job with them,gave them a resume,maybe I can help them out,no they hire some moron.
Sam`s are worse,they have this fred durst wannabe there,They do have one cool guy when I bought More light,I talked to him about J a few times and told him about this site,he did`nt seem interested,so I guess he`s not that cool.