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You know,
I looked at this kidrockschtunk jerky with nothing more than pity in my heart. Like salami said, the kid is probably just fitting in to his current social niche. Imagine what would happen to him if all of a sudden, he was airlifted down to Clark and Belmont streets in Chicago or even down in the Triangle in North Carolina. Do you think he would all of a sudden "get with it"? I have my doubts. I think at first he would probably go into a deep depression, kinda anomie like. At that point, perhaps, he may come to desperate means and enlighten himself. But who knows. Maybe he will come to a true version of "punk" and tell the army with different uniforms to go f— off and do what he wants, kind of like salami did. I played the follower for a long time, yet I let the personal drum in my head set the beat and everything else got in step or it didn’t. Luckily, I was able to find cool folk in all walks and I still do. Diversity rules and a new status quo is no different from an old one. The idea is still the same: a reigning-in of freedom. My favorite color remains flourescent clear.