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The kids today are`nt being educated on music,the Goddamn music press and major labels are running the show with flooding the market with their crap.
My cousin thinks Kiss and Van Halen are alternative and that Shania Twain is alt country.
I gave him some Sebadoh cd singles and some albums taped,such as Sugar`s Copper Blue;I asked him what he thought of Copper Blue,he said"it`s not really good music you know".He liked some of the Sebadoh songs but I really doubt he`s a fan.I also gave him a bunch of mix tapes with lots of indie rock on them,he problably taped over them.
If a kid discovers Modest Mouse and his friends are into korn;his friends are gonna diss him for liking the Mouse.He`ll either give up on MM or he`ll tell his friends to go to hell and like whatever he wants to.
I never cared what my friends thought of what I listened to,one friend called jazz elevator music;I ignored him,I went to school in grade 9 with Sonny Rollins in my walkman while the rest of my classmates liked def leppard,paula abdul,and new kids on the block;I got dissed for liking jazz,I did`nt care.
One of my friends hated punk,he said it was so easy to play and that john mellancamp was were it was at.I don`t see any of these friends anymore,I don`t need them,I like what I like and could care less of what they think is "unprofessional".
I never really had a friend that shared the same music tastes of me.The people who work in record stores are the only people I talk music with.
The local music store has the sections spilt like-punk,alternative,metal,pop like Allison said.If I own a record store someday I`m going to have no catorgories and piss everyone off.
as I said before,the government should issue Ramones albums to 13 year olds,then you would`nt have these fake punk kids.