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Hey Randy, you’re welcome.
If your dad is an electronics tech you should have no problem getting it fixed. Just show him the info on the links I gave earlier and he should be able to diagnose and cure your amp.
About what tubes to choose: there’s this amp/tube guru "Lord Valve" who fixes amps and sells tubes. He will certainly be able to tell you what tubes fit best in your amp. The tubes he sells are really high quality and well matched. I never bought anything from LV (I’m in Europe), but according to what I’ve heard and read in newsgroups he’s real good, has fair prices and he’ll give you excellent advice. His website: http://www.nebsnow.com/LordValve
How often you need to replace tubes? Depends on the quality of your tubes, your amp, how often you play and how hard you drive your amp, and also on the biasing of your amp. More on biasing in a previous link, LV can also give you tips on this and your dad should be able to bias your amp properly. Tell him to be very careful though, there are really high voltages in play here.
To have a guess about the age of your amp you can always look at the numbers on the back of the pots, there should be a 7 digit code where the first 3 numbers stand for the manufacturer and the last 4 stand for year and week of production, eg 137 7043 stands for CTS – week 43 of 1970.
Good luck