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buckingham rabbit

i saw this indie girl talking to this dirty, soon to be bald guy who works at the record store, and she was totally into him. why? cause he’s indie cool. that whole scene is a joke in my opinion. while its cool to have friends that like the same music you do, there is no reason to dress just like everyone else that listens to that music as well. its just conforming on a smaller scale, which should be antithetical to ‘indie’. i’ve probably bitched about this before. just listen to what you want (as long as its indie <img> )and if you get shit for not liking tortoise, to hell with the kids!

and damn…that dinsosaur jr dis–which im guessing is probably why matt provided this link in the first place. but hey, theres some truth to it. <img> but ‘hand it over’ is good.