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Javro-here`s who I know:

-Arcwelder:Chicago band,agressive post punk
-Blonde Redhead:SY style indie rock,great band
-Bonnie Prince Billy:AKA Will Oldham/Palace Brothers
-Breeders-you know them
-Cheap Trick:WTF! <img> why are they on this?
-Danielson Famille:think Partridge Family produced by Steve Albiini
-Dead Moon:have`nt heard their music but heard it`s garage rock
-Diagnogah:post rock indie instrumental chicago style stuff,like a happier Mogwai
-The Fall-you know them
-Robbie Fulks:country/folk stuff
-Godspeed You Black Emperor:rock orchestra from Canada,amazing band
-Do Make Say Think:Canada`s answer to Mogwai,slightly jazzy
-Lonesome Organist:a guy from Chicago who plays organ
-PW Long:Chicago by way of Detroit musician,used to be in Mule,bluesy rednecks
-Dave Lovering-drummer from the Pixies
-Low:slow band from Minnesota,great band but if slow songs put you asleep don`t check them out
-Melt Banana:japanese band,noisy
-Mission Of Burma:legendary Boston band during the punk era
-Rian Murphy:Drag City records head honcho
-The New Year:2 guys from Bedhead,Chris from Come,good indie stuff
-Plush:mellow stuff with strings and horns
-Rachel`s:neo classical
-Mark Robinson:former guitarist/singer in Unrest,east coast indie hero
-Shellac:Steve Albini`s band,producer for Nirvana,Breeders,Pixies,etc. agitated Chicago indie rock
-Shipping News:more Chicago style indie,more quiet then loud,Mogwai like
-Silkworm:one of my fav bands,from Montana,great band
-Smog:Bill Callahan,from Cali,slow
-Versus:one of my fav bands,from NYC,think Sonic Youth more melodic with some Pavement thrown in
-Wire:old art punkers
-Shannon Wright:used to be Malkmus`s girlfriend,Cat Power like
-Zeni Geva:Japanese band,noisy