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It`s strange how tastes differ on bands,I think Wowee Zowee is Pavement`s worst album,but it`s all in people`s view of what makes an album great or not,that`s my opinion on it,someone mentioned that Sonic Youth`s Jet Set Trash is one of their favs,I think that that`s the worst album too,so we can`t all agree on stuff sometimes.
Beatles-White Album-I agree on that,first heard it when I was 13,have`nt listened to it in over 10 years.
REM-Reckoning-I agree on that,Rockville is my fav song from that.Most people would say Murmer is thier best.
Pixies-Surfer Rosa-the album that got Steve Albini notice as a producer,it`s pretty brilliant.
Super Furry Animals-I bought "fuzzy logic" recently.have`nt listened to it yet,have you heard it?
Gang Of 4-they were cool,very influential on Big Black and Fugazi and alot of other bands.Can`t find any of their albums here!it will pop up someday.
Belle And Sebastian-the album from last year is good-"Fold your hands child…"they sound like it was recorded 30 years ago,I think of them as being a cross between Burt Bacharach and the Velvet Underground.
You`re living all over me-I picked Bug instead because YLAOM was`nt available at the time when I got into Dinosaur,I finally did get it a few years ago,I had the Fossils comp. so I already knew 3 songs from it.