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Good choices Another Girl/Planet;The Saints-Don`t have any of their stuff but I heard The Muffs cover `do the robot` from their Hamburger compilation.Stooges-"raw power" is my fav;I don`t know where it will end up on the list."candy apple grey"-My 3rd fav husker record(zen arcade is 2nd)`hardly getting over it` kills me everytime.`no promise have I made`-kind of a Meatloaf balllad but Grant is cooler than Meatloaf.Never checked out The Damned;got to one of these days.Jesus and Mary Chain-They were a big influence on My Bloody Valentine;don`t have any of their stuff;
The Pixies cover of `head on` is cool.Anyone who duets with Hope Sandoval is cool with me(mazzy star might pop up on my list later)
I have my no.6-10 ready;this like my first 5 is in the punk/indie/alt genre;I will do separate lists for classic rock,jazz, and blues at a later time.I did`nt repeat the same artist twice;I picked my most fav album by a certain artist so Dino/J and Husker multiple albums wont take up so much of the list.I could easily put all of Dino/J albums in the top ten!Anyway here`s 6-10:
Uncle Tupelo-Anodyne
Eric`s Trip-Love Tara
Red Red Meat-Jimmy Wine Majestic
Pavement-Slanted and Enchanted